Doctors in Vienna and medical treatment in Austria

Medical treatment, monitoring of gestation, labor in Vienna, professional consultation for pregnant women, diagnostics, visit of private and state clinics, translation of diagnosis, medical translation in Vienna – I will organize the whole process.
I am a certified medical translator and have a reputation of a mediator working with the leading specialized clinics of Vienna for the past 9 years.

Dentistry is also one of the priorities of my activity. General dentistry, restorative dentistry, implantation, oral surgery, orthodontics, cosmetics, dental hygiene – I can offer all these services from the best specialists - not only in Austria, but also in Hungary (in Sopron and Budapest).

Viennese medical institutions are well known beyond Austria and respected worldwide for the qualification of the doctors, diagnostic equipment and methods of treatment. Their technical equipment and medical treatment are evaluated as outstanding and high profile.
In hospitals or private clinics of Vienna you can get a full body check and a comprehensive doctor’s consultation in only one day!
I will organize for you the following: attendance to a private and licensed specialized medical clinic, translations of stated diagnoses and prescriptions, translation of all actual medical negotiations.

Hospitals and private medical institutions in Austria are recognized as one of the best in Europe. The winning in Austria`s medical system is that you get highly qualified doctors and med staff, the technical diagnosis equipment, the medical treatment and client healthcare.

I will be able to offer you a doctor’s consultation in Vienna and additionally:

 Will organize the appointment for the first visit and will be accompanying you as your representative

 Will translate all medical discussions, the stated diagnosis and recommendations

 Translate to the doctor your medical history, reports, analysis and tests

  Support in ordering the right pharmacy in Austrian apothecary

 And for the benefit of your wellbeing I will be in contact with your Doctor after your leave

For our client I will be organizing and preparing all steps for treatment or an operation in an Austrian clinic. I will make a proper translation into Russian and German languages and will be at your service after treatment and rehabilitation period.

My offer is based on a guarantee of confidentiality. I offer high level of medical treatment in one of the best, technically equipped institutions in Europe.

Besides dentistry and gynecology I also have long-term contacts with the other medical specialists: cardiologists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, therapists and orthopedists.

Along with translation of medical discussions with doctors in clinics, I also attend
medical seminars and work as a translator on medical congresses. The last examples are:

11th European Paediatrical Congress, Vienna, 27 - 30.05.15
53rd Congress ERA – EDTA, Vienna 21-24.05.16

You can request a first consultation in Austria here:


TEL. + 43 664 236 1140

Irina Miroschnichenko

Medical translations in Vienna
Medical seminars and congresses
Viennese clinics

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