Education in Austria

Obtaining education in Austria has a long history of benefits.

Its a clever financial investment and a prestigious profile in the outcome!

Universities in Vienna are stable in their positions, rating as the highest institutions worldwide.

WU - the Vienna University, the Technical University, the Economic University and the Agricultural University provide specializations of most demanded professions in the modern world.

Why Austria?

Education here gives you real opportunities on the job market, all so it guarantees the possibility of a high ranking work position in Europe, after graduation.

That is the first recognized benefit among all, in acquiring an education in world's most top ranking European country.

That is exactly why the Universities of Vienna attract so much interest and are highly ranked.

The University of Vienna - WU can offer a great amount of options and specializations for foreign incomers. For whom, the expected entry exams will not be mandatory or after prior preparations simply not necessary.

Not bad!

Considering the additional plusses, for instance that applying for WU studies, a person can do so directly after finishing school.

You don't speak German? That's more or less a normal situation for a foreigner student. The WU is set and ready with special adjustments exactly for that. You will be provided with what is necessary and trained to boost your language skills from ground level to the point of understanding the lectures and general negotiations.

Getting educated in Austria has also social benefits - one of them is your student visa. It's approved by the EU governments and recognized as permission for stay in all Schengen countries in Europe.

Second - is the high demand of graduates from Viennese University's on the International job market.

When your decision is made - it's important to consider the specialties of a correct application in Austria. The most popular institutes, like the Economic or WU or the Technical or Medical University have their unique rules for application that differ from one another.

I will lead you through and consult about the specification onall stages of preparation for the application. You will be provided with detailed and important information about all Universities in Vienna. The chosen departments and ways of applying for them properly.

Above all, I can offer my expertise promoting you for the Art academy or the Arts and Crafts Academy in Vienna.

For your proper registration in any university in Vienna I will secure your documentation, as well your time rate, which is as important to "Be in Time!"

You will be provided with the needed documentation from the chosen University, the coordination for the fil in and step-by-step couching if it will be an online application in German forms and questionnaires'''.

Also I will be counseling on the point if the application for a certain department will need apostils or just notarized.

Some faculties may have requirements for a prior test, information and needed tips about this will be provided in process after our first meeting.

I will arrange contact with your University, find out the conditions for application, the time rate and needed original documents. In process of preparation I will be personally your representative and coordinator in the institution and be in contact with members of your enrolment board.

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Invest in your future!

Get education in Austria.