Translation in Austria - negotiations, excibitions, seminars, conferences

  • establishing a company
  • negotiations with Austrian companies
  • translation and interpreting during negotiations
  • special exhibitions and fairs
  • interpreting on conferences and congresses
  • business trips to Austria and accompanied sightseeing

Would you like to set up your company in Austria, to run your business or prepare for a business journey in Austria?
To succeed in negotiations you shouldn`t barely understand the business subject, but to feel at home with Austrian business climate and mentality. That`s why setting business in Austria has its local peculiarities. For example, marketing in Austria differs from that in Russia. Sometimes Austrian businessmen are very cautiously getting into contact with foreign companies, but if you are patient, you will gain a reliable multiyear partner.
My long-time experience in collaboration with Austrian companies - energy, engineering, machine building, retailing and fuel industries and also insurance - confirms it.

I have translated at the negotiations with such international companies as
Garo Nash Liguid ring compressors, DC Tower Vienna etc.
It`s up to a good interpreter, his competence, his knowledge of a subject and his ability to syntonize a required wave to succeed in negotiations.
Good business contacts are based on good private contacts.
I am glad to endorse you to set up your business in Austria.
Situated at a crossroads of world trade ways, Austria is a traditional center of business communication. Having your business here you are able to expand your activity within the whole Europe.

Austria and especially its capital Vienna is a world-known place
there international meetings, congresses, seminars and trade fairs take place.
If you are looking for an interpreter for a congress, conference or international trade fair,
please contact me per E- Mail: kirsch(at)
I can help you in taking part both as a participant or as an organizer in all these events.
If you are looking for business contacts, for equipment and machinery in Austria, I can
find an Austrian company which meets your requirements, get in touch with it
and make an appointment for negotiations. Also I can provide translation from English
into German or Russian, organize videoconference or presentation.

One of my strong sides is specialized interpretation, under it medical interpretation

Just some references:
 2017 Garo Compressors Forum Vienna

 2017 Industrial and Civil Engineering DC Tower Vienna


 2016 11 th Austrian Crop Exchange


 2015 Steel and Casting Exhibition Zagreb

 2015 EPNS - the European Forum of the insurance

You can ask me your questions about business contacts in Austria per E- Mail:
Tel +4366423640

Business in Austria means a business in the whole Europe